Medizin Mobil - Pflege in Hannover und der Region
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Are you looking for a job, which could give you a manageable future and a better career?

Medizin Mobil, a Family owned company in the care sector in Hannover, can help you to make your plans come true.
Medizin Mobil, an award-winner family owned company in the care sector in Hannover, seeks Nurses for its department of:

  • Senior care,
  • Intensive care,
  • ECC care,
  • Pediatric intensive care,
  • Psychiatry for alcoholics,
  • Alzheimer.
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Medizin Mobil - Pflege in Hannover und der Region

What we offer:

  • An unlimited full-time contract as a Nurse by our award-winner Care House in Hannover.
  • A program of food and lodging throughout the time of the German course, comprehensive of monthly ticket for
    the public transport.
  • German health insurance.
  • Management of the Registration process, as well as covering the costs.
  • Management of the German bureaucracy and all the registration to be done in compliance to the German laws.

What we ask:

  • Degree or Diploma as a Nurse.
  • Willing to relocate in Germany and at least B1 German level for non EU nurses, for EU nurses the German course will be provided from 0.
  • A little knowledge of English.

The Job:

  • 40 Hours per week.
  • 30 holidays.
  • Health insurance, social care, pension.
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Salary: 2,200.00€ to 3,200€ /month

We are not an agency, we are the Care House, no entry fee, no commissions no hussle!

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